Choose from thousands of belt and bag buckle styles that are die-cast, stamped or wire-formed. Forming and Finishing is done on premises and buckles can be custom designed to your specifications. Center Bar Buckles and End Bar Buckles up to 4”. Many are available with Rollers and can be engraved with a wide variety of intricate designs. Through the acquisition of the assets of the Rhode Island Buckle Company (RIBCO), C & C Metal Products has increased expanded on the products we have to offer, enhanced our ability to produce quality metal products, and furthered our commitment to service the leather goods industry.

Other Buckle offerings include:

  • Men's, Women's and Children's belt buckles.
  • 3 piece buckle set including buckle, loop, and tip
  • Hook buckles
  • Hook and Eye buckles
  • Slide buckles
  • Ratchet buckles
  • Doll buckles
  • Western buckles
  • Loops, O- Rings, D-Rings
  • Prongs for buckles
  • Military Specification buckles
  • Luggage buckles
  • Handbag and Strap buckles

Available Catalogs:

Stamped and Wire Form Buckles, Solid Brass, Steel and Aluminum:

Buckles, Sets,  Loops and Tips
Hook and Eye Closures
Small Buckles


Die Cast Metal Buckles [by Strap Size], Solid Zinc Metal:

1/2 inch and 5/8 inch Buckles
3/4 inch Buckles
7/8 inch Buckles
1 1/2 inch Harness Buckles
1 1/4 inch Center Bar Buckles
1 1/4 inch Harness Buckles
1 inch Buckle Sets
1 inch Center Bar Buckles
1 inch Harness Buckles
1 1/2 inch Buckle Sets
1 1/2 inch Center Bar Buckles
1 1/2 inch Harness Buckles
1 3/4 inch Center Bar Buckles
1 3/4 inch Harness Buckles
2 inch Harness Buckles
2 inch Stretch Buckles
2.25 inch Buckle Sets
2.25 inch Center Bar Buckles
2.25 inch Harness Buckles
2.75 inch Harness Buckles
3 inch Buckles
30 mm Buckle Sets
30 mm Center Bar Buckles
30 mm Harness Buckles
35 mm Buckle Sets
35 mm Center Bar Buckles
35 mm Harness Buckles
40 mm Buckle Sets
40 mm Buckles
Handle Holders
Miscellaneous Buckles
Miscellaneous Hardware
Miscellaneous Rings
Miscellaneous Shoe Ornaments






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