Services and Capabilities

Design Engineering Services:

We can start the design process with a hand sketch or a formal electronic drawing. We utilize solid modeling programs to communicate information to our state-of-the-art CAD machining equipment. Our experienced engineering and tooling staff can collaborate with customers to achieve the most cost-effective design.

To prove out our customers’ designs, we can quickly provide small quantities of fabricated stamped and wire formed prototype parts utilizing soft tooling. We similarly provide prototype die-cast parts using rubber molding technologies.

Custom Stamping:

For over ninety-five years, C&C Metals has been providing its customers with precision stamped products. We have over 50 presses with maximum 90 Ton capacity capable of forming parts as large as 5” X 5”. Precision stamped parts with tolerances of + .003″

Materials include brass, stainless steel, aluminum, copper and phosphor bronze.

Tool and Die:

Our experienced in-house tooling and mold makers have lent their skills to the fabrication of thousands of intricate tools and molds. Quality and state-of the art technology are the key reasons why thousands of customers from around the world continue to purchase products from us. Using the latest Wire EDM, CAD equipment and CNC machinery, we look forward to getting your project underway.

Die Cast Zinc Parts:

We produce the highest quality die cast zinc parts taking advantage of the unique characteristics of zinc. Parts made from Zinc exhibit superior mechanical properties including tensile and impact strength, and high dimensional stability of + .002” even in the most complex shapes and designs. In addition, the low melting point of zinc provides for relatively lower fabrication and maintenance costs along with longer life of the required molding dies. Multiple cavity molds are used achieve increased capacity and cost efficiency. Maximum capacity for our die-casting machines is 150 Tons Presses, capable of manufacturing parts up to approximately 5” X 5”. Typical Wall thicknesses are .040”, but .020” thickness can be achieved depending upon part design.

Characteristics of zinc die cast parts using Zamak #3:

Tensile Strength

psi X 103



% in 2”



Brinell (@500kg)


Specific Gravity


Impact Strength




Wire Forming:

We perform both wire and strip forming of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. We have over 20 four-slide and multi-slide machines which utilize material from 16 Gauge (.062”) up to 3 Gauge (.243”).

Decorative and Non-decorative Plating and Finishing Operations:

While our many standard product lines literally reflect our impressive decorative plating skills, we also utilize our plating and finishing process to achieve other customer requirements. Through proper selection of plating and finishes, customers can achieve many performance objectives include corrosion inhibition, improved solder-ability, surface hardening, reduced friction and wear, improved paint adhesion, and altered conductivity.

We provide a wide range of plating and finishes including:


Other Finishing Processes

* Nickel


* Ductile Nickel

Bright Dipping

* Black Nickel

Vibratory Finishing

* Copper


* Brass


* Gold

Spray Enamels

* Bronze


* Pewter


** Nickel-Free Tin

Parts Cleaning Brushing

* Available in Barrel and Rack plating
**Available in Barrel Plating only
Many platings are available in antique, colonial, muted, and frosted versions.